Delicious appetizers my daughter made the other night!

Vancity Foodie

Hey guys 🙂

I seem to have a thing for easy to make baked bite sized food in muffin trays these days – so why not continue the trend with these Mini Lasagna Bites. I cannot believe how much flavour is in each of these little guys – only using a limited amount of ingredients. They are hearty and filling and perfect for a party or even a weeknight snack or appetizer. For all the pasta lovers out there … you are going to be obsessed and I am not even joking.

Ahhhh…. As I was writing this post just now (2 AM)  I just had an extremely traumatizing experience. My bf recently got a new bigger apartment and all the extra space and newness at night can be a little spooky. Anyways  I started hearing banging noises coming from the laundry room so I got scared and closed my…

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