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This is hearty chicken noodle soup that is easy to make and feeds a crowd. I usually make it with tortellini but any noodles will do!
There is really no recipe for this soup so I will just describe method for you.

Start with one pre-roasted chicken.(I buy an organic free range bird) and separate the meat from the bones, reserving meat in bowl.
In large stock pot combine the bones with a cut up onion, celery tops, a carrot or two and a good couple of Tbsp. of poultry seasoning.
Add two tetra packs of the organic chicken broth and Bring stock to boil then turn down to simmer and leave on stove for an hour or so.
Strain stock in fine mesh sieve and check for seasoning adding salt and pepper as needed. I sometimes add a chicken bouillon at this time if flavour a bit bland,
or I also might add more organic broth if too condensed. Put stock back on stove on medium heat.

In meantime chop 1 1/2 cups celery, 1 1/2 cups carrots, and add to stock and cook until vegetables tender, then add in two chicken breasts
chopped into medium dice.

In separate pot of water cook tortellini’s until just al dente, drain and add to soup for the last five minutes of cooking and check for seasoning.
I usually try and find a three cheese dried tortellini as it keeps its shape better in soup, but fresh pasta is also fine. Amount really depends on how much
pasta you want in your bowl!! I always do the pasta in separate pot as hard not to overcook noodles if thrown into stock to cook.

The combination of the roasted chicken bones with the organic broth lends the soup a made from scratch taste with very little effort!!