Another quick family meal without a recipe!! This one is for all my Vancouver cooking friends!!

Put brown rice on to cook either in your rice maker (invaluable appliance) or on the stove.
Purchase the amazing chilli chicken stir fry mix at Tenderloin meats on Granville Island- I use 2 pounds for 4.
Grate carrots, chop green onions, chop fresh cilantro, rinse marinated artichoke hearts and quarter.
Purchase amazing asian hot pepper dressing at China Seas Trading at Granville Island.
Stir Fry the chill chicken mix adding a bit of dressing if too dry.
Put cup of brown rice in bowl and top with chicken, carrots, onions, artichoke hearts and cilantro and top with dressing.
This is one of my families favourite meal and takes minutes to make if rice is cooked. If can’t buy chill chicken could easily
cut chicken in bite size pieces and marinate in chill sauce, garlic, and ginger and substitute a bought asian dressing.

Sooooooo Gooooood